Why we use WordPress?

WordPress Logo in black

WordPress is by far the most popular open source Content Management System (CMS), used by an estimated 75 million websites.

So what makes it so good?

One of the main reasons it’s so popular is that it is free to install and upgrade. There are thousands of plugins and themes available, many of them also free, to help making websites quick and easy.

It is the most popular CMS in the world

An estimated 75 million websites, which equates to roughly a quarter of all websites made in the world are built using WordPress. As a result many people are familiar with the name and have come across it in the past meaning that it is the obviously placed platform to use.

It’s open source.

This means that it can be self hosted, downloaded and installed for no cost at all. There are more then 50,000 plugins available for WordPress meaning that adding items, that usually take a long time to code, can be done in a matter of minutes.

It is easy to modify.

With a vast array of plugins and themes available at your finger tips you can easily get the website of your dreams created in no time at all. With simple adjustments made to the code behind the scenes you can adapt the platform to suit your every requirement, making it a delight for developers worldwide.

It is designed for everyone.

Anyone can give building a website a go with WordPress. It’s user face is simplistic in appearance and usability, meaning that you don’t have to be an expert to give it a go. It also allows more experienced developers the ability to delve into the coding behind the site and customise sections to suit certain requirements.



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